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Having a baby is one of the most important life events a couple can experience—and it is our true delight and honor to help couples realize their dream of starting a family.

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When you and your partner have decided to reopen the possibility of having children together, you can count on us to do everything in our power to help you. Whether you or your partner has had a vasectomy in the past or is currently infertile for other medical reasons, our close-knit staff will care for your family like our own and provide you with access to the information, resources and experts you need to make the best decision for your family.

The vasectomy reversal was the best treatment option for us because it was the least expensive, most convenient and best odds. Dr. Kuang was professional and made us feel comfortable at our first visit. We decided on…


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Experience the Best

At Southwest Fertility Center for Men, it is our goal to provide you with the best possible experience when it comes to reversing a vasectomy. When you visit us, you will gain access to New Mexico’s only fellowship-trained male fertility specialist with a 97% vasectomy reversal success rate, Dr. Wayne Kuang.

Additionally, you will enjoy an experience that’s:

We have a state-of-the-art facility where we are able to reverse a vasectomy in our office, without the need for general anesthesia in a hospital setting. By utilizing an IV catheter and medications to help patients relax and forget everything, men are enjoying the convenience of a vasectomy reversal in the office, with shorter recovery times than ever.

With the advent of the On-Q Pump that drips local anesthetic into the scrotum for the first few days after the reversal, men are able to get back on their feet sooner after the procedure. Additionally, throughout the entire process, Dr. Kuang will be there to help you understand what’s going on and to answer your questions. You’ll go into the procedure knowing that you’re in some of the most skilled and caring hands.

It is our desire to make our services accessible to any couple that wants the opportunity to have children. To provide the best possible service at an affordable rate, we’ve worked hard to reduce our overhead, provide flexible financing options and offer two vasectomy reversal packages to best suit your needs and budget.

Deciding whether a vasectomy reversal is right for you is a very personal decision. We take a holistic approach to fertility, and have secured the latest technology in the field to be able to help you understand what your best options are. Additionally, we offer online and consultation services for you and your partner, including couples counseling, adoption options, nutritional support, genetic counseling and additional resources designed to help you through your journey.

Restore your Fertility

When you decide that vasectomy reversal is right for your family, unlike the original procedure, we won’t take something away from you: we’ll give you the opportunity to have children who are biologically yours! Specializing in both simple and complex reversals, we can perform the right type of reversal that can give you the best possibility of success.

We encourage you to browse our website to learn more about us and the services we offer. When you feel comfortable, please contact us to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Kuang.

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