couple-sunset-300x199When you choose to undergo a vasectomy reversal, you might be concerned about success rates, the pros and cons and any possible side effects. Rest assured that Dr. Kuang and staff at our vasectomy reversal clinic have your best interests in mind and will do everything possible to make your surgery a success.

What to Expect

Before the procedure, you might be evaluating the pros and cons of vasectomy reversal. When you have your reversal done at our office, you can expect:

    Your prescribed medication will help you feel relaxed the morning of the surgery. These medications will allow you to be comfortable and free of any anxiety, limiting your memory of the surgery, almost as if you were in a twilight state.

    No Pain
    The “twilight” anesthesia is (conscious sedation) designed to allow you to feel no pain during the procedure. If you requested the On-Q Pain Buster Pump during your initial consultation, the pump will deliver medication directly to the scrotum surgery site, promoting post-surgery recovery and minimizing risk of side effects from the vasectomy reversal.

With the single mini-incision technique, the vasectomy reversal side effects are very limited, as the surgery site and invasiveness of the procedure is minimal. Most often, there may be a very small amount of bruising around the scrotum, but that will disappear in the days following your surgery.

A High Vasectomy Reversal Success Rate

Dr. Kuang has a 97% vasectomy reversal success rate, one of the highest in the country because of the advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology at Southwest Fertility Center for Men. We can help you successfully reverse your vasectomy. Contact us today for an initial consultation!

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