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Vasectomy Reversal Predictor



Currently, the only technology that can help us before surgery to decide whether a more complex vasoepididymostomy may be required is computer-generated predictive models. During my training at the Cleveland Clinic, we closely examined the outcomes of 483 patients who had undergone vasectomy reversal.

(If you aren’t very interested in all the technical jargon, skip this paragraph). Univariate analysis was performed to identify those factors which were significant predictors of whether you would need the more complex procedure. We then performed multivariate logistic regression analysis (more computer mumbo jumbo) to figure which of these factors was most important. Then to top it off, we put all this information together to see if a computer could do a better job of predicting what surgery would be needed. All this work gave birth to a handy predictive model that is so convenient that patients and doctors can download it right on to their PDA and make their own predictions.

We published the creation of this predictive model in May of 2006 but wanted to see whether it had utility outside of our one institution. In other words, was it generalizable across the country? To do this, we teamed up with male infertility specialists from around country and even overseas to validate this predictive model. In short, we found that it was 84% sensitive for detecting the need for the more complicated vasoepididymostomy after testing the model on 345 patients from 7 different institutions.

After many years of trying to get pregnant on our own with no success, we were counseled that the retrieval would increase our chances combined with IVF. That was why a sperm retrieval with In Vitro Fertilization was the best option for us…



What’s the bottom line: There is no tool that will can predict your need for a more complex vasoepididymostomy with 100% certainty. This computer-generated predictive model is currently the only tool that exists. While it is not perfect, it predicts your needs with 84% sensitivity. To download this free software on to your PDA, go to Empower yourself and determine what type of surgery you may need. Then go to the male infertility specialist of your choice and make sure he can offer what you need to give you the best chance of having a child.

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