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VR or IVF?


Couples often must choose between vasectomy reversal and IVF if they desire to have their own biologic children. Both are reasonable options, and it is a decision that is based on a couple’s reproductive philosophy, needs and timetable. Each couple is different and what works for one couple might not be acceptable for another.

Detailed below is information that will help you initiate the process of choosing the best option for you and your partner. Dr. Kuang looks forward to helping you better understand the issues about vasectomy reversal. Believing in offering you all options, Dr. Kuang is happy to refer you to female fertility and IVF specialists so that you can be empowered with the knowledge to help you build a healthy family in the way that resonates with you the best. We realize that this is a difficult decision. Dr. Kuang will do his best to help you navigate through this part of your reproductive journey.

(Fertility Tip: Start making a list of questions for Dr. Kuang and his team. Tape it to your refrigerator and write down your questions as they come up. Dr. Kuang looks forward to answering them all to the best of his ability.)

Table: Differences Between Vasectomy Reversal and IVF/ICSI


Reasons for Choosing IVF/ICSI

    IVF/ICSI resonates with a couple’s reproductive philosophy, needs & timetable
    Older female age
    Takes time for sperm to appear in the semen
    Insurance covers IVF/ICSI
    Female tubal occlusion
    Significant female ovulation dysfunction
    Man prefers not to undergo vasectomy reversal.

Reasons for Choosing Vasectomy Reversal

    Vasectomy reversal resonates with a couple’s reproductive philosophy, needs & timetable
    Woman prefers not to be hormonally stimulated and to undergo egg retrieval
    Couple is not comfortable with the chance of multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets) and their associated risks to the mother and babies.
    Vasectomy reversal leaves open the possibility of having more children in the future.
    There is no need to decide what to do about embryos that are created but not used.


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