EB-Feet-300x202Once you have made the decision to explore the possibility of having children with your partner, you can count on us to do everything in our power to help you start a family. From information on vasectomy reversals to fertility testing, we provide a comprehensive approach to your procedure that takes all aspects of your health and relationship into consideration. We assure you that our vasectomy reversals will be:


Due to our state-of-the-art facility, you’ll be in and out of our office in less than four hours on the day of your vasectomy reversal, minimizing the amount of work you miss. Based on your occupation and lifestyle, Dr. Kuang will make specific recommendations about when you are able to safely return to your normal working schedule.


When you come into our office for a reversal procedure, Dr. Kuang and his close-knit staff will do everything to ensure that you are completely comfortable, including administering medication to help you relax. To minimize post-procedure discomfort and to promote faster healing, please ask about the On-Q Pain Buster Pump that delivers numbing medication directly to your surgery site.


We want to help you achieve the dream of starting a family, so we’ve removed one of the major roadblocks to getting there: cost. Since most insurance companies do not cover the cost of a vasectomy reversals, we offer affordable financing options to give you the best possibility of having biological children. The savings of having the reversal in the office under twilight anesthesia get passed on to you.

Instead of taking something away, we’re giving something back to you! Restore your ability to have children at our state-of-the-art male fertility facility with comfort and convenience. Contact us today for a consultation or for more detailed vasectomy reversal information!

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