If you’re considering vasectomy reversal surgery, you probably have many questions about the procedure. Dr. Wayne Kuang is on the leading edge of vasectomy reversal surgery and always brings the latest research and techniques to his practice in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Is Your Vasectomy Reversible?

Decades ago, vasectomies were difficult to reverse, but today’s technology allows Dr. Kuang to perform reversal surgery for vasectomies at a much higher success rate. With vasectomy reversal surgery success rate of 97%, Dr. Kuang is likely to perform your surgery so you have a successful outcome.

Vasectomy Reversal Surgery PrepThe Most Advanced Vasectomy Reversal Technique

State-of-the-art microsurgical vasectomy techniques provide the precision needed to perform this delicate surgery. Two main microsurgical techniques exist:

  • Vasovasostomy, a simpler technique in which the cut ends of the vas deferens are reconnected where you had the vasectomy.
  • Vasoepididymostomy, a more complex technique in which the vas deferens is connected to the epididymis. The epididymis is the refinery on the back of the testicle where sperm mature.

Why is Microsurgery the Best Way to Reverse a Vasectomy?

The channel of the vas deferens through which the sperm swim is only0.3 to 0.4 millimeters in diameter. The most effective way to reconnect them is through microsurgery with the assistance of an operating microscope that provides 16 times magnification of the operating image.

The importance of choosing a doctor trained and experienced at performing reversal surgery for vasectomies cannot be understated.  Dr. Kuang performs vasectomy reversal several times a week and has made several contributions to the field, including his “Vasectomy Reversal Predictor” to determine which type of surgery you will need with an accuracy of more than 80%.

When you choose Dr. Kuang, you can rest assured you are working with an experienced vasectomy reversal doctor with a long record of successful outcomes. That’s why so many patients fly in from out of state to work with Dr. Kuang. Choosing Dr. Kuang increases the likelihood you will have a successful outcome to your vasectomy reversal surgery the first time.

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