SuccessFounded in 2006, the Southwest Fertility Center for Men has been proud to be the only center of excellence for vasectomy reversal in New Mexico. Performing both the simple and the complex “bypass” reversals in our office under “twilight” anesthesia is our specialty, and we uniquely offer “need-based” reversals. We are excited to share with you our success vasectomy reversal success rate of over 97%. We look forward to meeting you in person.


Two vasectomy reversals didn’t work (done elsewhere in Texas). We were out of sperm retrieved at the 2nd reversal so the sperm retrieval was our last option. The concerns we had with having a vasectomy reversal was it might not work…


Time Since Your Vasectomy
<10 years
>=10 years
Success Rate
% of Men Needing the Complex “Reversal


If you have questions specific to your needs, call us for a FREE consultation with Dr. Kuang at 855 4 VR CONSULT (855) 487-2667 to discuss the simple, complex, office procedure and twilight anesthesia options that will work best for you.

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