Vasectomy reversal side effects are rare, but there is a risk of complications with any type of surgery. Dr. Wayne Kuang, M.D., will explain the possible side effects and risks of vasectomy reversal during your consultation.

Common Vasectomy Reversal Side Effects

After your vasectomy reversal, you are likely to experience minor side effects like pain, swelling and bruising. However, the vasectomy itself should not have any effect on potency or urinary function.

Vasectomy ReversalYou may experience some short-term pain in the scrotal area after your surgery, but for most men, the pain is not severe. Typically, Dr. Kuang treats pain with prescription or over-the-counter pain medications. Ice packs may also sooth the scrotal area.

Sometimes our patients experience headaches, usually a reaction to anesthesia. Nausea and vomiting are also rare reactions to anesthesia.

Rare Vasectomy Reversal Side Effects

If you experience any of the following conditions after your microsurgical vasectomy reversal, be sure to contact Dr. Kuang right away:

Fluid buildup: Fluid may build up around the testicle, causing swelling in the area. This typically goes away on its own.

Hematoma: Bleeding inside the scrotum may cause blood to pool. This can be avoided by following Dr. Kuang’s post-surgery instructions.

Infections: Infections are an inherent risk in any surgery. Infections typically respond well to antibiotics and antimicrobial creams.

Long-term pain: While very rare, some men may have chronic discomfort after a reversal.

Testicular atrophy: Although extremely rate, an injury to the testicle’s blood supply could result in scarring, diminished sperm and testosterone production.

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