baby_garton_2The ultimate goal after a successful vasectomy reversal is pregnancy, and the staff at Southwest Fertility Center for Men is so honored to help you along that road!

A Tradition of Success

At our male fertility and vasectomy reversal clinic, our patients enjoy a 97% success rate of getting sperm back, one of the highest in the field. Male fertility and the ability to achieve pregnancy after vasectomy reversal varies from situation to situation. There are, however, a few factors that help maintain the high vasectomy reversal success rate of Dr. Kuang’s patients, such as:

    Expertise in the Simple and Complex Reversals
    Dr. Kuang is the only fellowship trained vasectomy reversal specialist in New Mexico giving couples the best chances of getting sperm back.

    State-of-the-art Technology
    Our male fertility clinic always uses the most technologically advanced equipment and innovative procedures to give you the best chance of pregnancy after the vasectomy reversal. Our procedures are as simple as possible, allowing you take less time to recover and more time to be able to start trying to conceive.

    Close Follow-Up after your Reversal
    Dr. Kuang will be available to be with you as you continue your journey after the procedure by phone or in person. Monitoring your recovery will allow him to recommend medication or any other helpful measures to optimize you chances for success.

    Comprehensive Physical Exams
    During your initial consultation, Dr. Kuang will perform a comprehensive physical exam to determine your overall health and your possibility of conceiving a child after the reversal.

Dr. Kuang will give you and your partner personal, detailed insight on your ability to successfully achieve pregnancy after a vasectomy reversal. If you are interested in seeing your probable vasectomy reversal success rate before your consultation, visit our online prediction calculator. Dr. Kuang designed this calculator, which has over an 80% chance of accuracy.

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