Books1-300x199If you and your partner are exploring options to increase male fertility and or start your family, you may have already discovered that in vitro fertilization is not right for you. However, vasectomy reversal may be an option, and ourNew Mexico male fertility clinic can give you detailed information so you can make an educated decision about what is right for your family. Rest assured, we’ll be here with you every step of the way in any way possible.

Vasectomy Reversal Procedure

From the time you walk in until the time you walk out, the vasectomy reversal procedure only lasts 3-4 hours, allowing you to minimize time off work and limitations on activity. During this time, our close-knit staff will do everything to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

When you come for your initial consultation, Dr. Kuang will discuss your medical history, goals and expectations with you. He’ll also gather information about what you and your partner have done in the past to increase your fertility. Dr. Kuang will answer questions and go through the procedure with you so you understand what will happen.

Once you and your partner have decided that a vasectomy reversal is the best option for you, schedule an appointment at our office. You’ll then be prescribed medication to take the night before your surgery and to bring in with you to take the day of. These medications and anesthesia will help you ease any pre-operative stress and eliminate pain during the procedure.

The vasectomy reversal procedure is a simple or complex reattaching of the vas deferens that was clipped or severed during the original surgery using a single mini-incision technique. Dr. Kuang will find the original vasectomy surgery sites. Then, he will locate the area where the vas deferens was severed and capped to remove the blockage. Fluid is collected from the vas to determine whether you will require the simple or complex reversal.

If sperm parts or complete sperm are present in the fluid, a simple reversal may be done using tiny surgical threads to reconnect the tissue. If not, a “bypass” reversal must be done in order to bypass the scar tissue at the vasectomy site and in the refinery (epididymis) behind the testicle and bursting of the epididymis. Only by examining the fluid during the procedure can we tell exactly what type of procedure you will require to maximize your chances of getting sperm back and give you the best hope of starting a family.

Vasectomy Reversal Success Rates

Our patients enjoy a 97% success rate, one of the highest in the country because of our state-of-the art equipment and advanced procedures. We can help you successfully reverse your vasectomy! Contact Southwest Fertility Center for Men today for a free consultation!

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