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Exploring your Alternatives to Vasectomy Reversal

There are many alternatives to vasectomy reversal that exist and the right solution is different for each couple. Additionally, a vasectomy might not have been the cause of male infertility, in which case, we will help you explore the options that are available to you. Some of the alternatives to a reverse vasectomy include:

Alternates to Vasectomy

  • IVF/ICSIIf you do not have sperm in your ejaculate or are suffering from another form of male infertility but want children that are biologically your own, In Vitro Fertilization may be an option to consider. Southwest Fertility Center for Men has partnered with the Center of Reproductive Medicine of New Mexico to aid with this procedure in Albuquerque. If you live in another part of the country, we can make a referral based on your location and timetable.
  • Adoption ResourcesDepending on your situation, conceiving a child that is biologically your own may be improbable or impossible. Adoption is a great way achieve the goal of having your own family while dealing with the reality of your situation. We can give you referrals to great local, national and international adoption resources.
  • Donor Insemination:For some couples, using “donor” sperm from another man to impregnate your partner is the best option. Ask Dr. Kuang to learn more about it.

If you have not had a vasectomy but are infertile, we can perform a semen analysis and exam to pinpoint a cause and treat the symptoms.

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