At Southwest Fertility Center for Men, we believe that it is a personal decision to determine whether IVF or vasectomy reversal is right for you; we are here to help you understand the different procedures so that you can make the right decision for your family. Although we offer vasectomy reversal surgery as an option, we also work with a local IVF group to extract sperm for IVF.

I’ve had a vasectomy. What are my options for starting a family?

EB-Sleeping-baby-sidewaysYour options for having your own biological children are vasectomy reversal or in vitro fertilization. You also have a few options for having children that are not biologically yours by going through the adoption process or inseminating your partner/wife with donor sperm. Additionally, you can always choose the option of staying as you are and not having a vasectomy reversal. During your visit, Dr. Kuang will touch upon all these options so that you can make the very best decision for you and the ones you love.

The vasectomy reversal was the best treatment option for us because my fiancee is still able to have children and we want to have at least one more child so we went for our first option. For other couples that are looking at vasectomy reversal or In Vitro Fertilization is vasectomy reversal is more cost effective with a very good chance for positive results. Dr. Kuang made us feel calm and at ease at our first visit. The staff was excellent..


If I choose vasectomy reversal surgery, should I cryopreserve or “freeze” sperm?

The bottom line is that not every vasectomy reversal surgery is going to be successful. To pursue IVF after vasectomy reversal, sperm can be retrieved either:

  1. At the time of vasectomy reversal, frozen (“cryopreserved”) and then stored away just in case you need it later for IVF.
  2. At the time of IVF only if the vasectomy reversal is not successful.

There really is no right answer as to which option is better. If you are a believer in having back-up plans and have the financial ability to pursue cryopreservation, then it may be a good decision for you. If you don’t have time to pursue repeating a vasectomy reversal (i.e., your partner is in the latter years of her reproductive window) or you cannot bear the thought of another procedure on your scrotum, then cryopreservation may be your best option.

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