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Testimonial S & L (November 11, 2012)

“A vasectomy reversal was the best treatment option for us because it was more natural, easier and long term for multiple children. Our concerns with in vitro fertilization was the cost and multiple births. Our advice for other couples who are looking at these options are how many kids do you want? It will depend on which option to choose, either way Dr. Kuang is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Dr. Kuang made us feel relaxed at our first visit. He took his time and he was very knowledgeable. We decided on Dr. Kuang because he offered simple and complex based on need during surgery and proximity. We liked both the website and You Tube videos. What we valued most about our services was he does the simple and the complex, both an option based on tests during procedure. On the day of the procedure it was fast, easy and professional. What helped make the experience as comfortable as possible was starting early as I was still half asleep and the staff communicating with my partner during the surgery. My experience with the anesthesia was fine, easy to do, no complications. I would definitely recommend the mini-incision technique, faster healing. The procedure room was good, well equipped, laid out well. It was super exciting to see my own ejaculated sperm on the computer in the office. Can’t wait to get the photos! My recovery was not bad, worse than the original procedure, complex makes things much harder to recover. Still get pain at 5 weeks. Dr. Kuang’s staff was most reliable on communication and checking up post-surgery. Dr. called Friday evening to check up. We would recommend Dr. Kuang and his staff to other couples. You all did a fantastic job! We felt we received the best vasectomy reversal care currently available.”
S & L (Cochiti Lake, New Mexico)
Vasectomy 10 years ago. Vasectomy reversal 10/4/12.
Right vasoepididymostomy. Left vasovasostomy. Sperm back 4 weeks later.

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