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Testimonial N & J (August 12, 2012)

“To find out we were pregnant was shocking and thrilling because it happened so quick! We took a pregnancy test at home when my period was late. The vasectomy reversal was on 2/7/12 and our estimated date of conception is April 14th-ish, 2012. Our expected date of delivery is 1/2/13. We can’t wait how this will change our lives! We would absolutely recommend other couples to pursue a vasectomy reversal! Our advice for other couples who are considering having a vasectomy reversal is be prepared for all possibilities. A quick pregnancy after 1-2 years or no pregnancy. Yes we would recommend Dr. Kuang and his staff!!!”
N & J (Asheville, North Carolina)
Vasectomy 6 years ago. Vasectomy Reversal 2/7/12.
Bilateral Vasovasostomies.
Sperm back 4 weeks later.
Pregnant 2 months later.
Baby due 1/2/13.

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