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Testimonial M & L (September 12, 2012)

“It was kind of shocking to find out we were pregnant because it only took 2 months of trying or we got pregnant on the third month. We found out we were pregnant with a pregnancy test all the time, ha. Our vasectomy reversal was on February 2nd. Our estimated conception date was June 1st. Our expected date of delivery is February 16th. One is none and two is ten, or so I’ve been told. We’re excited for number 2. We recommend to other couples pursing a vasectomy reversal only if you want to have more kids. Our advice for other couples considering having a vasectomy reversal is do it at Southwest Fertility Center!! We would recommend Dr. Kuang and his staff 100%.”
M & L (Morrison, Colorado)
Vasectomy 2 years ago. Vasectomy Reversal 2/2/2012.
Bilateral Vasovasostomies.
Pregnant 2 months later.
Baby due 2/16/2013.

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