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Testimonial A & V (November 28, 2012)

“Our reasons for pursuing a microsurgical exploration to look for sperm was to have a better chance to have children due to our situation. Our advice for other couples who are looking at this procedure is to here with Dr. Kuang and his staff. Dr. Kuang made us feel very comfortable at our first visit. The staff also made us feel very comfortable and were knowledgeable. We decided on Dr. Kuang because he was recommended to us. What we valued most about our services was the people and the way they approached you. On the day of my procedure it was very pleasant other than the discomfort following. What helped make the experience as comfortable as possible was the people involved. My experience with anesthesia was fine. My recovery after surgery was as expected, a little tender. Took about 2 weeks to go back to normal activities all around. Dr. Kuang’s staff was reliable in all areas. Yes we would recommend Dr. Kuang and his staff to other couples, strongly. We felt we received the best infertility care currently available.”
A & V (Amarillo, Texas)
Micro Dissection 11/6/12.
IVF Cycle 12/6/12.

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