In the last decade or so, there have been many new discoveries in the male infertility field. We know a lot more about reversing vasectomy procedures than we did, making the process safer, quicker and less painful than ever. If you have just begun your research or if you need help making the right choice for you and your spouse, Dr. Kuang and the staff at Southwest Fertility Center for Men can help.

When to Choose a Reversal of your Sterilization

The decision to have a reversal of sterilization is a very personal one and everyone makes the choice differently. You might want to have a vasectomy reversal if:Baby-after-Bath

  • You want to have children that are biologically your own while preserving the natural reproductive process
  • You are thinking about having more than one child, but do not want to heighten the possibility of having twins or triplets as with IVF

To find out we were pregnant, we were both very excited, we were not expecting it to happen so fast. We found out with my wife, she went to the hospital to have blood work done and they informed us. My vasectomy reversal was on 4/12/12…


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Ultimately, you and your partner will have to decide what is best for your future, but you don’t have to do it alone. If you are unsure about how to proceed or about any of the procedures we offer, our expertise is open to you. Ask us questions, bring your concerns to us and we can help you make this important choice.

Contact us to Schedule a Sterilization Reversal Consultation

When you have decided that a sterilization reversal is right for you and your family, contact Southwest Fertility Center for Men. We’ll explain the procedure to you during your initial visit and asses your viability as a candidate. We’ll treat your family like our own as we work to find the best solution for you and your partner.