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Sperm Freezing/Cryo Preservation


For some couples looking at vasectomy reversal or men who face the challenges of radiation or chemotherapy, sperm banking is a critical step for reproductive planning. Sperm freezing can be coordinated here in conjunction with the long-term storage company ReproTech. Dr. K and his team have enjoyed working with ReproTech to offer sperm freezing and long term storage for cancer patients and couples looking into vasectomy reversal. The process is straightforward:

    1. Call our Fertility Guide at 855 4 VR CONSULT (855) 487-2667 and request an informational packet that will walk you through the steps and forms to fill out.
    2. You will need to get a lab request form to have some blood drawn to screen for specific blood-borne diseases such as HIV or hepatitis. These blood tests are required for long-term storage planning.
    3. Call Reprotech to set up an account (see below for contact information).
    4. If you are having a vasectomy reversal, sperm can be harvested for freezing and long-term storage at the time of your vasectomy reversal.
    5. If you are a patient facing the challenges of cancer treatment, we can arrange to harvest sperm either in our office or in the operating room.

It is obvious that it takes time to arrange for sperm retrieval and freezing since it involves several steps (forms, labs, setting up an account with Reprotech, finding a time to set up the retrieval where an andrologist can be present, etc.). Having enough lead time to help you set this up will make the whole process more streamlined and as comfortable as possible. The one situation that is a challenge is when patients require treatment within days of their cancer diagnosis. Currently, we are working on finding a way to offer these sperm freezing services for patients when we are given limited time to help you make the necessary arrangements. If this is your situation, please call our Fertility Guide at 855 4 VR CONSULT (855) 487-2667 to inquire if and how we can best help out.

Reprotech ( can be contacted at one of their three offices:

      Mpls/St. Paul, Minnesota 1-888-489-8944


      Fort Lauderdale, Florida 1-888-953-9669


    Reno, Nevada 1-888-831-2765
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