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Reproductive Law

Your reproductive journey can be filled with challenging choices that have legal ramifications (ex. anonymous and unanonymous donor eggs or sperm, adoption, surrogate mothers). Recognizing that some couples need help understanding the law, Dr. Kuang has teamed up with Ami Jaeger at Biolaw to help improve your level of comfort in making those decisions.

Reproductive Law

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Ami Jaeger, Executive Director of the BioLaw Ethics Institute

BioLaw Ethics Institute is a non-profit organization devoted to exploring the intersection of law, science and ethics. It works to demystify legal and ethical complexities in today’s world revolving around assisted reproduction and genetics. Our vision is to create a navigational guide so our partners have the necessary tools to efficiently communicate information among divergent groups, with tailored information that supports ethical strategic decision making, client support, and product or service development.

There are three focus areas within the Institute: Resources and Consultation; Training; and Thought Leadership for legal and ethical issues in reproductive law and genetics policy.

Resources and Consultation in ethics and law is accessible by professionals in the fields of law, judiciary, medicine, scientific research, and life-science companies through a multi-tiered membership system. All members receive state specific and federal information that touch on fertility issues including reproductive law, family law, regulatory oversight, research and development issues, human subjects protection, medical practice laws, regulations, cases and policies. Additional benefits for premium membership include quarterly updates, and a monthly conference call to discuss changes, problem solve, and create community. In addition, the distinguished level receives practice-specific information that tailors unique state considerations to your specific situation, white papers, as well as consultation capabilities with the Executive Director, staff, and advisory board members.

Training provides on-site workshops specifically tailored to the needs and issues of the client. The aim of consultations is to improve the internal working relationships of an organization which strengthens the overall ability to effectively communicate with the markets and customers to which they are providing services. One example of a training program is skill development in mediation, and conflict and dispute resolution. We also assist with policy research to support strategic decision-making.

Thought Leadership through an annual summit provides the venue for thought leadership in legal and ethical issues in reproductive law, ethics and genetics policy. The Institute will bring together experts and creative leaders to highlight cutting edge issues through discussions, position papers and other publications.

For more information, please call Ami Jaeger, Executive Director at 505-466-4642.

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