EB-Praying-baby (2)At Southwest Fertility Center for Men, our vasectomy reversal clinic is honored to help you achieve your goal of starting a family that is biologically your own. Post-reversal recovery time plays a big role in determining how long it will take to be able to conceive.

Factors that Affect Recovery Time

Every person is different when it comes to surgery recovery. Some of the factors used to determine recovery time are:

  • Stress. Physical, mental and emotional stress can lengthen the time it takes to recover from your vasectomy reversal surgery. Manage and minimize stress by limiting physical activity and giving yourself the time and space to fully relax after the procedure.
  • Lifestyle. The job you have, your normal physical activity, overall health and other lifestyle factors will influence how much time you’ll need to recover. If you are more active, we may recommend a few extra days off before returning to your normal activity.
  • Pain. The more swelling and irritation around the area, the longer it will take to recover. You can minimize pain after your microsurgical vasectomy reversal procedure by using the On-Q Pain Buster Pump, over-the-counter medication and prescribed antibiotics to reduce the time needed to recover and to minimize inflammation and scarring.
  • Rest. The most important way to recover quicker is to rest your body and your mind after the procedure. We recommend giving you at least a couple days.
  • Our Single Mini-Incision Technique. With this minimally invasive approach, you only have to heal from one incision, not two. That maximizes your healing and optimizes your recovery.

Many factors must be taken into consideration when estimating the recovery time after your vasectomy reversal surgery. Dr. Kuang will be able to give you a unique and personalized idea about how long you will need to fully recover from surgery, but most people find themselves returning to their regular lifestyle within a few days. Dr. Kuang usually recommends that you avoid sex for at least two weeks after the procedure.

We are happy to answer your questions about recovery time or the vasectomy reversal procedure. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation for microsurgical vasectomy reversal.

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