When considering vasectomy reversal surgery, many people are concerned about the amount of pain they will experience after the procedure. At Southwest Fertility Center for Men, we understand this concern and will work with you to create an experience that’s as comfortable as possible.


In addition to our single “mini” incision technique, one of the ways we reduce the pain associated with vasectomy reversal is through the On-Q Pain Buster Pump. This pain treatment system not reduces the amount of pain and discomfort that you will feel after your surgery, but also reduces the amount of narcotics needed for effective pain relief.

Our reasons for pursing a varicocele surgery was better fertility for me. Our advice for other couples who are looking at this procedure is it’s easy, no problem. Dr. Kuang made us feel good, optimistic at our first visit. The staff made us feel good…


How the On-Q Pain Buster Pump Works

During your reversal vasectomy procedure, Dr. Kuang will place the On-Q Pain Buster Pump near the surgery site. The equipment consists of a small catheter and pump, which is filled with pain medication. During the days following your procedure, the pump will administer small, continuous dosages of medication directly to the site to minimize discomfort. Basically, you should feel minimal to no pain after the vasectomy reversal procedure.

Benefits of using the On-Q Pain Buster Pump

Some of the main reasons we recommend the On-Q Pain Buster Pump include the following:

  • It keeps the pain of vasectomy reversal to a minimum
  • It allows the patient to return to the activities of normal life faster
  • It relieves the anxiety associated post-vasectomy-reversal pain
  • It is easy to place, use and remove

If you have questions or concerns about limiting vasectomy reversal pain—or how you can benefit from the On-Q Pain Buster Pump—please contact us to schedule a consultation. We are happy to discuss pain relief options with you so that you have the most comfortable experience possible.

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During your consultation, we will do a thorough examination and go through all of the fertility options available to you. If you are a candidate for vasectomy reversal, we can help you find the post-surgery pain relief solution that works best for you and your family. Contact us today; we’re happy to help.

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