If you or your partner had a vasectomy and have now decided you want to add to your family, vasectomy reversal is likely the best pregnancy option. After a vasectomy, getting pregnant naturally is extremely rare without vasectomy reversal surgery.

The First Step to Fertility

Pregnancy OptionsThe first step to discovering your pregnancy options after vasectomy is to contact us to schedule a free consultation at Southwest Center for Male Fertility. You will meet with Dr. Wayne Kuang, M.D., who will help you understand your options for pregnancy:

  • Sperm extraction prior to in vitro fertilization; OR
  • Vasectomy reversal surgery.

Dr. Kuang will consider your medical history and current state of health to help you choose which procedure is better for you and your partner. Factors include your age, the cost, the amount of children you want and how quickly you want to conceive a child.

What is Sperm Extraction for IVF?

During sperm extraction, your doctor gently removes sperm directly from your testicle and then uses the sperm to fertilize your partner’s eggs via IVF.

What is Vasectomy Reversal?

Vasectomy reversal provides the greatest chance for pregnancy after a vasectomy. Dr. Kuang has a 97% success rate reversing vasectomies, including those performed more than 10 years ago. Using microsurgical techniques, Dr. Kuang will either reconnect your vas deferens (a simpler surgery) or connect the vas deferens directly to the epididymis (a more complex surgery).

To learn all of your pregnancy options after a vasectomy, contact or  Call Southwest Fertility Center for Men in Albuquerque at 855-487-2667 for a FREE consultation.

Find Out Which Fertility Option is Right for You

Deciding whether a vasectomy reversal is right for you is a personal decision that should be undertaken with the assistance of an experienced physician. Learn more about Dr. Kuang and schedule a FREE consultation at our clinic. Contact us today.