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If you (as a couple) are having trouble getting pregnant, you can now both use programs from Glow:

Glow is already widely used by women. Period tracking, fertility monitoring, and diet and fitness information are used to provide comprehensive information for women who are trying to become pregnant. Now the app is expanding to include both partners, making Glow the first quantified self application to include fertility tracking for men….

The new feature is similar to what female users see. Men will fill out a daily health log and answer questions about their day-to-day activities, including whether or not they smoked or drank or visited a sauna that day. Any activities that could impact sperm health will be monitored, and the application will provide updates and information on how such activities can impact conceiving.

Insights will be delivered directly to the application and tailored to each individual’s data. For instance, removing lubricants, cutting back on the bacon intake, and not getting enough sleep can negatively impact sperm count.

Glow is a free app available on the Apple App Store.

Men finally have their own fertility app.

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