While vasectomies are typically considered a permanent form of birth control, about 5% of the men who undergo them later decide that they would like to start a family. If that sounds like you, Dr. Wayne Kuang, M.D., of Southwest Fertility Center for Men provides vasectomy reversal surgery in Albuquerque, New Mexico with a record of success.

MYTH: Vasectomy reversals don’t work after 10 years.

This is an outdated fact based on old studies. Today’s microsurgical vasectomy reversal techniques allow Dr. Kuang to perform vasectomies reversals after 10 years with great success. Dr. Kuang regularly performs complex vasectomy reversals, such as those where scar tissue blocks the epididymis. Dr. Kuang has a male vasectomy reversal success rate of 96% in vasectomies 10 years or older.

Vasectomy Reversal MythsMYTH: Male vasectomy reversals do not work because of sperm anti-bodies.

After Dr. Kuang performs a reversal, we rarely see evidence of sperm anti-bodies. The vast majority of our couples do not have trouble conceiving after a vasectomy reversal. If there is trouble conceiving after vasectomy reversal, it is rarely because of sperm anti-bodies.

MYTH: In-vitro fertilization is better option than male vasectomy reversal.

Dr. Kuang has performed vasectomy reversals on men whose partner went through rounds of IVF without success. These patients may have been told that vasectomy reversal would not work, but in reality, the delivery rates as a result of either are almost identical.

At Southwest Fertility Center for Men, we want to give couples every option available to have a child. We are happy to discuss the pros and cons of IVF and vasectomy reversal during a FREE consultation at our male fertility clinic in Albuquerque, NM.

MYTH: Any urologist has the skills to perform your reversal.

While most physicians are capable of performing a vasectomy, reversing a vasectomy is much more complicated. Male vasectomy reversal is a challenging microsurgery that includes the use of microscopic sutures. Performing this surgery takes many years of specialized training and experience.

Dr. Kuang is the only fellowship-trained vasectomy reversal doctor in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has a success rate of more than 97%.

MYTH: You should choose a doctor who works in your city.

Actually, you should choose vasectomy reversal specialist based on their experience, training, skill and track record of success. While it may seem inconvenient if your doctor works out-of-state, a botched vasectomy reversal is much more inconvenient. Poor results could lead to scarring and the inevitable need for a second reversal surgery.

Dr. Kuang makes flying in for your vasectomy reversal simple. First, you’ll have a FREE consultation with Dr. Kuang via phone. Your Fertility Guide will then coordinate a convenient date for your initial visitation and vasectomy reversal in one easy trip.

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