baby-dearholt-6-SO-54121-300x225Revisiting the possibility of having a family that is biologically your own is such an exciting time, and we are honored to be able to help you through this process. The first step to reversing your vasectomy is to schedule a consultation at our male fertility clinic. During your surgery consultation at our fertility clinic, Dr. Kuang and his staff will:

Discuss your Goals and Expectations
Every couple is different and needs a unique approach to the vasectomy reversal procedure. Dr. Kuang will ask you questions about your timeline, goals and expectations in order to get a clearer picture of how he can help you. At any time during the consultation or procedure, feel free to ask Dr. Kuang or his staff any questions you might have.

Take your Complete Medical History
At Southwest Fertility Center for Men, we believe in a holistic approach to vasectomy reversal. Dr. Kuang will ask you questions about your medical history, as well as your partner’s, to get a comprehensive view of your ability to naturally conceive as a couple.

Perform a Physical Examination
Dr. Kuang will give you a complete physical examination to determine your health and your viability for surgery. A gentle examination of your scrotum will be performed to ensure the “plumbing” that carries the sperm to your penis is present and accounted for.

Discuss Options
Based on the information you provided and the results of your physical examination, Dr. Kuang will be discuss the options that will give you the best possibility of success. We offer Simple and Complex options, depending on how long ago your vasectomy was and what method was used. Our state-of-the-art male fertility clinic offers you the options to have a vasectomy reversal in a comfortable, convenient environment.

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The decision to undergo a reversal is very personal to every couple, and all aspects of the procedure must be considered, including vasectomy reversal cost and recovery time. It is important that you have every option available to you to ensure that you are comfortable with your decision. Contact Southwest Fertility Center for Men for a free surgery consultation with our experienced staff!