financial_options-546x109One of the most exciting decisions that you and your partner can make is to start a family. We are delighted that we are able to help you explore your fertility options and want you to understand every possible choice before you make a decision. Perhaps one of the biggest concerns when considering a vasectomy reversal is the overall price, so Dr. Kuang offers several financing and procedure options.

On-Site Financing Consultant

If you have gone to your insurance company or looked into medical financing, you might have found that they offer limited options. With Southwest Fertility Center for Men, you have access to an on-site financing consultant who can give you free information about different payment options. Your consultant will go over the price of your vasectomy reversal and help you find ways to finance your procedure.

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Need-Based Fertility Options

In an effort to keep the price of the vasectomy reversal as affordable as possible without compromising the high success rate and quality of the procedure, we offer a “need-based” package that covers both the simple and the complex reversal in case you need it. Moreover, this option comes with a “partial” rebate program and the “reversal guarantee”.  The procedure best for you is based on personal factors like time since your vasectomy and age. Dr. Kuang will make a recommendation during your initial consultation at our state-of-the-art male fertility clinic. Call to learn more about this unique and affordable “need-based” financial options.

How We Keep Vasectomy Reversals Affordable

Since we know that we have one of the highest success rates, we want to make our services available to as many people as possible who want to start a family. That means finding ways to keep costs down. The savings that we enjoy due to low overhead of an office procedure (while maintaining the quality and safety of the procedure) are passed on to you. You are also able to enjoy the savings that we have secured because we do not work with insurance companies, which often require long and laborious procedures in order to get coverage. Contact us today for a free consultation.