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What to Expect When You’re Done Expecting | Ask Your Dad Blog

A charming article from an experienced mother will help you get ready for being a parent.  Fathers to be – read this and be prepared to support your new mother and your new born child:

Hi gang! Stevie here.

A few days ago I had what I considered to be a very mild conversation with my currently-pregnant-with-her-first-kid sister. Apparently what I consider mild and not shocking, she considers not mild and incredibly shocking. Which, now that I think about it. It is. When I was pregnant with Duchess, I was so excited for her come out of my body so I could meet her face to face that I completely neglected to consider what would happen to my body once she was out!  Had the information I presented to my sister been presented to me before my first child was born, I suppose I would have been shocked too. Still, I wish I would have known it then, and I am glad she knows it now. I mentioned our conversation to John and in a very John-like fashion he said “You should write it down for the blog! I bet other moms will be able to relate!” And then I said “I don’t know John. Some of it is kind of icky.” And he said “Some of it is kind of icky should be the motto for the whole of parenting.” So here you go: a few tidbits of information about labor and post-partum life that you won’t find on your cutesy little iPhone app that tells you what size fruit your baby currently is. 

More… What to Expect When You’re Done Expecting | Ask Your Dad Blog.

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