SFCM_Baby2_Web-168x300Making the decision to have your vasectomy reversed is the start to a journey towards creating a family. The vasectomy reversal clinic and doctor you choose to perform your surgery should be the one that gives you the best chance of starting a family in an environment that is safe and comfortable. Additionally, you should choose your doctor based on criteria, such as:

Experience and Training
As New Mexico’s only fellowship-trained male fertility specialist, Dr. Kuang has the necessary training to perform all types of vasectomy reversals, from Simple to Complex procedures. He is also one of the longest practicing specialists in New Mexico—he has been reversing vasectomy procedures since before he opened Southwest Fertility Center for Men in 2006.

Personal Attention
When you have your consultation with Dr. Kuang, he’ll ask you questions about your medical history, your goals and your expectations. He’ll also ask about your partner’s history and different avenues you have tried to start a family. Depending on your answers, he may be interested in obtaining previous fertility clinic medical records. Dr. Kuang will spend as much time as you need to ensure you have asked every question you wanted in order to feel comfortable with your decision and our vasectomy reversal clinic.

Technology Available
At our state-of-the-art vasectomy reversal clinic, we have the most advanced equipment available to you to give you the best chance of success. We also use the most up-to-date procedures that allow you to take less time off of work and allow you to recover more quickly. Such as the single mini incision technique so you heal only from one incision, not two.

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Success Rate
Dr. Kuang has maintained a 97% success rate for all vasectomy reversals since opening his clinic.His vasectomy reversal success predictor, which is over 80% accurate, can tell him what type of procedure you are likely to need, contributing to the great success rate his patients enjoy.

We are so honored you are considering our clinic to help you start a family! If you want the best possibility of success in a comfortable atmosphere, contact us at Southwest Fertility Center for Men today!