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Men finally have their own fertility app

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If you (as a couple) are having trouble getting pregnant, you can now both use programs from Glow:

Glow is already widely used by women. Period tracking, fertility monitoring, and diet and fitness information are used to provide comprehensive information for women who are trying to become pregnant. Now the app is expanding to include both partners, making Glow the first quantified self application to include fertility tracking for men….

The new feature is similar to what female users see. Men will fill out a daily health log and answer questions about their day-to-day activities, including whether or not they smoked or drank or visited a sauna that day. Any activities that could impact sperm health will be monitored, and the application will provide updates and information on how such activities can impact conceiving.

Insights will be delivered directly to the application and tailored to each individual’s data. For instance, removing lubricants, cutting back on the bacon intake, and not getting enough sleep can negatively impact sperm count.

Glow is a free app available on the Apple App Store.

Men finally have their own fertility app.

Fatherhood Truths You Probably Never Knew

There is a lot of truth in this article.  Being a dad is one of the greatest things that can happen to a man:

Four years. That’s how long I’ve been a dad.

Some days are awesome, some are, um, not so awesome — but I still believe it’s the best and most important job a man will have in his lifetime. As I sit here now, I know that things could’ve been a lot smoother if somebody passed along a memo to me before I became a dad outlining what modern fathers deal with.

But that ship has said, so hopefully I can use my limited experience to help other men who are about to become card-carrying members of the prestigious fatherhood club.

And there are more truths than mentioned:

  • Your whole life will change, mostly for the better
  • You will be, essentially, in bondage to another human being. And love it.
  • The responsibility, at times, will overwhelm you.  But you will handle it.
  • The rewards greatly outweigh any costs.

Don’t take our word for it, try it yourself.

Five Fatherhood Truths You Probably Never Knew -.

31 Helpful Parenting Tips For People Who Are Clueless With Babies

31 helpful hints illustrated to make it easier to remember:

Being a new parent can be tough, but thankfully, a book called Safe Baby Handling Tips is here to save the day… and maybe your child. Authors Baby proofing your homeDavid and Kelly Sopp have joined forces to create hilarious instructional illustrations to demonstrate the dos and don’ts of what to do with a baby. All of these might seem obvious, but you know there’s one clueless parent out there who just learned they were cleaning their baby’s nose the completely wrong way.



Get help with parenting and a chuckle or two, also, at the link.

31 Helpful Tips For People Who  No Clue What To Do With A Baby.

‘Beyond miracles’: After vasectomy reversal, identical triplets!

An inspiring story of a successful vasectomy reversal that led to identical triplets:

He had already been a dad for a decade. Thinking his baby-making days were done, he got a vasectomy. But then Chad Doss realized that his new wife Amanda really wanted to carry a child, and he wanted to help her fulfill her dream of having a baby herself.

“I really wanted to be able to give that gift to her, to have your own,” said Chad Doss, 31, who married Amanda in 2011. “She treats mine as her own, but it’s one thing for a mother to have a pregnancy and go through that, and for her to have that moment. We were thinking, we’ll try for one and grow our family just a little bit.”

“Just a little bit” turned into a whole lot more than anyone expected. Within a year of Doss having his vasectomy reversed, the Franklin, Ind., couple were ecstatic to learn Amanda was pregnant — then shocked when they found out she was carrying a rare set of naturally occurring identical triplets, a trio of girls who arrived without major complications on Dec. 30.

Dr. Wayne Kuang uses the latest techniques to ensure the highest rate of success when performing a vasectomy reversal.  Contact Southwest Vasectomy Reversal for more information and to learn more.

‘Beyond miracles’: After vasectomy reversal, identical triplets! – Parents –

What to Expect When You’re Done Expecting | Ask Your Dad Blog

A charming article from an experienced mother will help you get ready for being a parent.  Fathers to be – read this and be prepared to support your new mother and your new born child:

Hi gang! Stevie here.

A few days ago I had what I considered to be a very mild conversation with my currently-pregnant-with-her-first-kid sister. Apparently what I consider mild and not shocking, she considers not mild and incredibly shocking. Which, now that I think about it. It is. When I was pregnant with Duchess, I was so excited for her come out of my body so I could meet her face to face that I completely neglected to consider what would happen to my body once she was out!  Had the information I presented to my sister been presented to me before my first child was born, I suppose I would have been shocked too. Still, I wish I would have known it then, and I am glad she knows it now. I mentioned our conversation to John and in a very John-like fashion he said “You should write it down for the blog! I bet other moms will be able to relate!” And then I said “I don’t know John. Some of it is kind of icky.” And he said “Some of it is kind of icky should be the motto for the whole of parenting.” So here you go: a few tidbits of information about labor and post-partum life that you won’t find on your cutesy little iPhone app that tells you what size fruit your baby currently is. 

More… What to Expect When You’re Done Expecting | Ask Your Dad Blog.

Eanes ISD Digital Parenting Course-iTunes

 FreDigital Parenting Cover Pagee iTunes U Course on Digital Parenting

 The world is rapidly evolving, especially in the realm of technology. What does this mean for parents of the 21st  century?  Who is insuring that digital wellness is being discussed in the home
 In this course you will find resources, projects and quizzes designed to enhance parents’ knowledge of the world  out there and what tools do families need to be equipped with to better travel the digital road ahead.

Eanes ISD Digital Parenting Course – Download Free Content from Eanes Ind School District on iTunes.

Diet and male fertility

The October, 2012 issue of Human Reproduction contains an article by AJ Gaskins et al studying the association of dietary patterns with semen quality in young men. The study was performed by the Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health. It was called the Rochester Young Men’s Study and involved 188 men ages 18-22, and was conducted in 2009 & 2010 at the University of Rochester. Diet was assessed by food frequency questionnaire. Researchers classified the “Prudent” diet as containing a high intake of fish, chicken, fruit, vegetables legumes, and whole grains. The “Western” diet was high in red and processed meat, refined grains, pizza, snacks,high energy drinks and sweets. Men in the highest quartile of the Prudent diet had 11% higher progressively motile sperm compared with men in the lowest quartile. The Western diet was not associated with any changes in semen parameters.


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