As the only fellowship-trained vasectomy reversal specialist in New Mexico, Dr. Wayne Kuang is among the best vasectomy reversal doctors in the Southwest. At Dr. Kuang’s male fertility clinic, you’ll receive the best care by a vasectomy reversal doctor who has a long record of success

Some vasectomy reversal doctors advertise inexpensive services, but it’s important to remember that it is the quality of the results that matter. To choose the best vasectomy reversal doctor, you need to consider a number of things, like the doctor’s training, experience and success rate. Be sure to ask any vasectomy reversal doctor the following questions to have a better outcome.

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Vasectomy Reversal DoctorWhat is Your Doctor’s Success Rate?

The success rate of a vasectomy reversal specialist is typically much higher than that of a urologist. For example, Dr. Kuang has a vasectomy reversal success rate of 97%.

Is Your Doctor Fellowship Trained?

While most doctors can perform a vasectomy, performing a vasectomy reversal is much more complex. Microsurgical vasectomy reversal requires the doctor to use microscopic sutures and instruments. It takes many years of training to perform this surgery successfully, so you want to make sure your doctor is fellowship trained to perform microsurgical vasectomy reversal.

How Often Does Your Doctor Perform Vasectomy Reversals?

Specialized training in microsurgical vasectomy reversal is a good way to distinguish between trained vasectomy reversal doctors and general urologists who have only performed the procedure a handful of times. Remember that a specialist can perform vasectomy reversal several times a week, where a general urologist only performs the surgery a few times a year.

Does Your Doctor Contribute to the Male Fertility Field?

If your doctor publishes work in peer-reviewed medical journals, it is a good sign that he or she specializes in the field of vasectomy reversal. Dr. Kuang regularly publishes his medical research and even developed the “Vasectomy Reversal Predictor”, a program that predicts whether you will need a routine or complex vasectomy reversal with an accuracy of over 80%.

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