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Ann Lee – Logo Graphic Designer

Ann is a Graphic Designer in New York City who designed our business logo. Her holistic approach captured our many facets. She created our logo with the father holding a baby up into the rays of the rising sun as it peaks over the crest of the Sandia Mountains at the edge of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The “mountains” represent the ascending challenge that couples face with male infertility and Southwest Fertility Center for Men will be with them all the way to the top. The “rising sun” represents the hope that all couples wish for. And the “rays of sunlight” reflect our upfront and honest approach to your care and our desire to help shed light on how you can best build a healthy family. The “father holding the baby up in the air over his head into the morning sunlight” is a personal dream for many men who face the challenges of vasectomy reversal and male infertility. Should you like to contact her for a project, her email address is [email protected]

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