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Fly in to Albuquerque For Your Vasectomy Reversal

Are you interested in reversing your vasectomy in Albuquerque but are concerned about the logistics of your location? No worries! We have streamlined the process of a “fly-in” vasectomy reversal. With couples flying in from as far as Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Florida and New York, SFCM has simplified your planning down to 3 easy steps:

Step 1 – Contact Us
Set-up your FREE phone consultation with Dr. Kuang to learn about reversing your vasectomy and your chances of needing the complex “bypass” reversal.

Step 2 – Scheduling
Your Fertility Guide will coordinate a convenient date for an initial visit and the vasectomy reversal all in ONE simple trip. Meet Dr. Kuang and his fun staff & then have your reversal the next morning!

Step 3 – Book Your Flight
Albuquerque/Santa Fe are centrally located in the Southwest with quick flights throughout the US. Click the links below to find easy flights for your single-incision reversal! TIP: Type in “ABQ” for Albuquerque.

The vasectomy reversal was the best treatment option for us because of the finance. Our concerns with the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) was we were not sure it would work the first time. Our advice for other couples who are looking at these options is the surgery went well and everyone seemed to know most concerns and was able to address them. Very caring team. Dr. Kuang made us feel relaxed and…



Book a Flight: Type in “ABQ” for Albuquerque


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