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Causes & Signs of Infertility Among Men

Smoking, drug and alcohol abuse, too much exercise, tight underwear, stress…the list is pretty lengthy.  Add to that a vasectomy earlier in your life:

Infertility among men is not a new thing in the medical history. However, there are quite a lot of people around the globe who struggle due to the same problem. Online reports suggest that approximately one in every five couples in the United States suffer from issues related to infertility. Of the total number of infertile couple, close to half of them are cases of male infertility. Ironically, despite the fact that infertility is also highly prevalent among men, its evaluations are conventionally oriented to women.

What Causes Infertility Among Men?

The causes of Male infertility can be traced from a variety of disorders- from hormonal imbalances to physical problems; to psychological problems. Most of the time male infertility is caused by testicular damage, which means the testicle will be unable to produce sperm. This type of infertility cannot be treated and is somewhat close to menopause although, not as natural as menopause.

If you suspect you may be the infertile partner, Southwest Fertility Center for Men can help.


What Are The Causes & Signs of Infertility Among Men?.

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